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Our organization aims to passionately provide organization, planning and execution of your important events including but not limited to fundraising, team building, employee recognition and employee wellness programs.
We aim to first gain an intimate understanding of your unique goals within your events then propel them to the best they can be.

Our Services


Networking Events

Events such as networking conferences, team-building seminars, employee appreciation luncheons and employee wellness and mindfulness programs among others. We want to get to know you and your event to provide the most personally exhilarating experience possible.


We have experience facilitating 501c3 events across the eastern seaboard. We seek to continue to partner with worthwhile and compassionate charities and foundations.


Whether you are hosting your event with us or simply seeking guest speakers, we are glad to provide passionate and intelligent speakers to accentuate passionate and intelligent speakers to contribute to the betterment of the event itself and your guests.

Mindfulness Workshops

At our mindfulness workshops, anchored by our speakers, we understand and appreciate the value of mindfulness practices across all walks, including sobriety, wellness, and nutrition. WWe’re thrilled to be able to facilitate this brand of event on various scales and locations. Our expert wellness and mindset coaches can provide a program tailored to your organizations needs.
round table

Recovery Roundtable

We partner closely with substance use disorder and mental health rehabilitation facilities to make connections and facilitate the journeys of those who need, want, and deserve their services. We offer the services of experienced professionals who are eager to build unique programs suited for your
20-person organization, or your 20,000-person organization.


Our Benefits


Our team combines over 4 decades of experience in event-planning and public speaking. We put this to use to cultivate a smooth and professional experience, every time.

Client-Centric Approach

We promise never to cut and paste a “fundraiser” or “networking event” any sooner than we’d cut and paste the people it’s for. We want to hear from you, and work closely to deliver what you deserve from our experience.

Passion-driven mindset

we believe the best work is done from a place of genuine care, as unique as each event and organizer is. We deliver with passion as if you were one of our own, because you are.

Ethics and Excellence

All of this with integrity by proficient, competent, dedicated individuals, who deliver with DIGNITY, in the DIGNITY way. Ethics and excellence always at the forefront.

Ethics and Excellence-Dignity Consulting at your Service